We will remember them – a drum head service at Burghfield


We assembled before 10 and marched from Hatch Gate to St Mary’s Church. At 10.40 the familiar sound of the Chinook came overhead. The noise and power of that aircraft reminded us of pain of war, and the  losses our country has experienced  in recent days and years in Afghanistan.

We were fortunate that the sun shone as we joined in our out door service. The Church is undergoing refurbishment.  It was a moving occasion, as we placed wreaths on the Memorial in the Churchyard.

I would like to thank all who organised it, and the many hundreds of people who turned up to j0in in the march or to watch the spectacle. Burghfield acknowledged its special relationship with today’s armed forces. The dangers they face were uppermost in our minds. People wished to thank our armed forces for their courageous sense of duty.

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  1. Bruce of Burghfield
    November 12, 2012

    John, Thank you for attending and marching with the Legion contingent, we were about as lucky as you can get with the weather for a drum head service. We receive fantastic support from Burghfield and Burghfield Common and we estimated 750 attended.

    Reply: Yes, it went well, and I am grateful to the organisers.

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