Floods were on my mind this morning anyway, given the torrential rain recently. I attended the Wokingham flood Partnership meeting to see how they are getting on with plans to offer more anti flood protection.

        The Borough is working on a proper anti flood plan, now they have the legal responsibility for the function bestowed by Parliament. I said I would help where they needed a response from government or national bodies. I am taking up the issues at Luckley Wood with Network Rail again, including the impact their recent tree and shrub clearing has had on the local environment.

        I look forward tomore  progress to report to those who are worried about the flood risk to their homes. I am grateful to Phiala Mehring of the Loddon Valley Residents for her continued hard work and vigilance on these issues.


  1. Ken Skanda
    November 24, 2012

    Dear Mr Redwood,
    Glad that you are talking flood! this week. A topic soon will become a major threat and concern for the residents of Wokingham. Isn’t it time for the government to pay attention to risk of flooding, as it begins to take lives and homes. Little island of ours is full of rivers that are neglected for very long time due to lack of funding. I have a great interest in river Loddon, as I am about to move in to that area, after having lived in Wokingham since 1986. Today @15.00 hours I tried my usual river walk, near the Shindlesham Mill, Rushyway area. River levels were excessive, breaching it banks and submerging the foot path almost a meter. As we concrete more flood plains (add Hatch Farm too), flooding and flash flooding are becoming the norm with increased risk to live. In some places it is less than 100M between homes and the river. It will not be long before we reach the proportion of North Carolina, unless we take action now. Government funding of EA, requires a rethink, need to be increased, to serve beyond monitoring and issuing warnings. Management of rivers, surface water etc that cause the flooding need to be funded as we fund our roads, motorways and other infrastructures. I understand form Phiala and Brian Roberts (EA) that you are supporting LVRA cause. I think it is time we start a campaign, for additional funding from the government for the management of river Loddon. We have been very passive in comparison to what Lea Valley and Tynes Tees have achieved recently in managing their rivers. As our MP, we look up on you to pressure the government to increase the funding for the management of river Loddon/Embrook as well as to rethink it policy on flood management nationally. Global warming and unpredictable weather pattern are predicted to be the norm for the foreseeable future, it is time we do some forward thinking, and plan of action to prevent floods and loss of lives at homes as a result. Law need to be chaned to make developers like Bovis homes who builds on flood plains to invest equal factor in flood prevention and river management, as the development increase the risk of flooding.

  2. Ken Skanda
    November 25, 2012

    Why shouldn’t the government spend the revenues from environmental taxes on Environment to Protect it citizen?

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