Flooding threats


             I have receievd a brief this afternoon from the Environment Agency saying there are no bad flood incidents in our area. I hiope they are right. Please let me know here if there are local problems. When I was out and about this afternoon I saw  no homes flooded on my travels.

              Thiose who write in to say we need better flood protection should know that I have been pressing for this for some time. Wokingham Borough now has the powers to draw up a local anti flood plan, and is in the process of doing so. I look forward to progress on that, so we can then do more  work to reduce the risk of flooding further. In the meantime I have pushed for maintenance and other works to cut the risks in places where we have had problem floods in recent years, and some of this work is now completed.


  1. Bernard Juby
    November 26, 2012

    As we found out in Royal Leamington Spa many years ago that if you continue to concrete over what were natural flood plains then you are bound for trouble sooner or later. Putting in so-called protection simply moves the problem up stream.

  2. Ken Skanda
    November 26, 2012

    Dear Mr. Redwood,
    You are absolutely correct in saying no homes are flooded yet, but the water is edging towards residential zones as I write this. I panned the area of river Loddon this evening, surprisingly I do not see the river any more, and all I can see is sea of water everywhere. Mill Lane and park and ride are now closed. Earley way and Winnersh cross roads are just in the clear for now. All this is caused by one week of rain, if it continues lives will be put at risk. Thank God we have you as our MP and Phiala/LVRA to help with flood protection plan together with EA, Thames water and WDC. If no homes are flooded yet it is down to better maintenance plan of drainage system put in place by all of the above, but not sure that alone will protect us in the long run! Please do visit the Earley way / Mill Lane area to see it for real. It will definitely help us to plan the next stage!

    Reply: I am watching and listening, as I still want more preventative action taken. As you know we have got them to make some changes and improve maintenance.

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