Photograph: John Redwood’s 25th anniversary as MP for Wokingham

The Rt Hon John Redwood MP attending a lunch at Farley Hill on 7th July 2012 to celebrate his 25th anniversary as Member of Parliament for Wokingham.


  1. David Jarman
    December 10, 2012

    Although I don’t agree with career politicians I will say that, in my opinion, John deserves his post more than most because he tries to conduct himself as honourably as the system allows and sets an example a lot more could take note of. For that I congratulate him.

  2. Bert Young
    December 10, 2012

    Good photo – and , very dishy company !!!

  3. Jim Stanley
    December 11, 2012

    Here at 2 am idly thinking about things, what if the situation changed, something much bigger than all the froth, SETI is an organization who scan the radio waves for a readable radio signal from outer space. They work on the assumption that in the infinity of space it arrogant of man to think himself alone. If we are sent a message in response to our early TV signals, and lord knows what they think of Muffin the Mule, everything will change. most scientific opinion believes that there are other civilizations out there, should they visit us, that would alter world politics more than a little. What would happen then, how would the world dynamic change, could the Nectar of the Gods be the one thing the Alien visitors decide that this little lump of rock is worth something. My point is this, there are problems a lot bigger than the union between 2 independent peoples, one Viking the other Celtic bickering over a diminishing oil pool, and don’t forget that Norway has a stake in that. I believe that we need to maintain the status quo, look to improving our contacts with other peoples around the world, and John, can we please have a spell checker on this site.

  4. Alfred E PHILP
    December 11, 2012


  5. Alan Wheatley
    December 11, 2012

    Congratulations. Reminds me just how long ago it was that I lived at Arborfield.

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