Cash support for Wokingham’s transport needs


         Following meetings at the Transport and Housing departments in Whitehall, the  Housing Minister Mark Prisk has offered up to £2.5 m to Wokingham Council to help with improved transport links especially including a new  bridge over the railway as part of Wokingham’s redevelopment plans.  Wokingham can also apply for additional money from the £225 m development funds as and when housing plans are more advanced, if they need state financial assistance.

        John Redwood said ” I am glad to have helped Wokingham Council gain access to money to help deal with Wokingham’s transport  and development needs. Whilst the housing development should be largely or wholly privately financed, we do need assistance with roads and related infrastructure.”


  1. Lord Blagger
    December 13, 2012

    More subsidy paid for by people who don’t use the service.

    There’s a very clever financial instrument used that can pay for improvements to services, as well as the service itself. It doesn’t need complex regulation, or tax payers money. It’s called a ticket. When and only when you need to use the service, you buy the piece of paper and it entitles you to the service.

    1. alan jutson
      December 30, 2012

      Lord Blagger

      Whilst I agree the revenue from Tickets should fund the railway, we are talking here of a flyover, which will go over the railway and relieve traffic congestion.

      The railways already have a level crossing which works, so why should they pay for a flyover which will give them zero improvement in their services to their customers.

      I think rail fares are rather too high at the moment, to add to them for a known no improvement in their service, would seem daft.

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