Mr Redwood’s contribution to the Statement on Social Care Funding, 11 Feb

Mr John Redwood (Wokingham) (Con): Does the Secretary of State see any difficulty in this coalition Government pre-empting a future Chancellor of the Exchequer over tax policy, when I thought everybody in the House wanted a different kind of Government after 2015, who might have their own ideas?

The Secretary of State for Health (Mr Jeremy Hunt): We have funded these proposals until 2020 on plans that have been agreed by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. We hope very much that we will have the support of the Opposition for these plans as well. Then we can have a national consensus around them, which is what we need because in the end, if we are to create that certainty in the markets, people need to know that whichever Government are elected, they support the basic approach that we are endorsing.


  1. David Langley
    February 16, 2013

    Well,well, it appears that having no parties but just sensible policies for the country looks like an idea that might yet catch on. The old model of parliamentary democracy is well and truly broken. Let the people speak! How it would work is again could be a truly major, major change in the way we are governed.
    Lets look at the positive side for a moment.
    No party funding issues, no parties.
    Elections based on promotion from local county councils say.
    Policies based on major issues, eg: defence, NHS, Foreign relationships, etc
    Parliament based on equality of seating, horse shaped chamber. New layout completely reflecting new cohesive model, current building used as a museum.
    One county representative only, axing hundreds of current MPs and saving millions.
    Abolish the house of Lords. Increasing localisation democracy and training responsible and effective National councillors.
    New democratic revising chamber to start made up of say promoted MPs/Industry nominated experts, no heritage, religious bunkum.
    New policies raised by county MPs only, no PMs party vanity projects.
    On-line voting based on unique NHS other ID.
    Axe MEPs and create a new Euro liason Civil service dept tasked with maintaining local agreements ie EU arrest warrants etc.
    PM/Cabinet promoted from MP County Councillors having been selected by whole new scaled down Parliament.
    Withdraw from the EU project completely, we the British or English decide on our own competencies and who is responsible for maintaining and amending them.

    Career hungry self servers will seek to maximise their own status and income, selection and assessment procedures will have to be top line to ensure the nasties are kept out and standards maintained.
    If numbers swell the budgets swell and transparency slowly disappears so it would be important to keep the numbers small and audit and vetting sharp.

    Bonkers maybe, but the current omni shambles cannot be the best we can do by any measure.

  2. Phil
    February 26, 2013

    Sounds like a democracy Heaven

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