Shinfield Eastern Relief Road

DSCN0024 (2)On Tuesday morning I visited the Mitford Field development in Shinfield with Mark Prisk, Housing Minister, David Lee, Leader of the Borough Council and representatives of  Bovis Homes and Reading University, the landowner.

The Minister and the Council announced that they had agreed finance for the Eastern by pass road for Shinfield, to carry the A327 to the east of the village and over the motorway on a new bridge. The money will be lent  by the government to Reading Univesity, who will repay it out of subsequent developer contributions from housebuilding.


  1. Matt
    March 14, 2013

    Is this the kind of public sector investment you argued against in your 11/3 post? I imagine that once the road is built Reading University will hand it over to the local authority or Highwyas Agency for them to maintain. Thus creating another burden on the public purse.

  2. Mike Gough
    March 23, 2013

    Very disappointed that it was not judged to have been appropriate to have invited either the representative Borough or Parish Councillor to this event. Hardly compatible with the Government’s ‘Localism’ agenda!

    Reply The Borough was represented

  3. Mike Gough
    March 25, 2013

    With respect you miss my point. No elected Borough Councillor for Shinfield was present i.e. Barry Patman, Anthony Pollock or Charlotte Haitham-Taylor.

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