A bridge over the railway?


┬á I have held brief follow up meetings with Ministers about a possible new bridge over the railway in Wokingham. I┬áhave stressed to┬á┬áMinisters that Network Rail needs to be sensible in negotiating a possible bridge over their railway, and should not regard it as a ransom opportunity against the local community. It is in the railway’s interest as well as the local interest to reduce traffic flows using level crossings to get over the track.

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  1. Robert Boulter
    March 26, 2013

    Residents here are also interested in a under or over bridge in connection with our railway line and we found that Network rail were very helpful at our initial meeting that included our MP.
    The situation is delicate at present in relation to a proposed development were access is a big issue and which we would like modified but if you would like details of the contact we used at Network Rail please email me.

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