Burghfield and Mortimer volunteer to help the elderly

I went to the launch of TIMs in Burghfield at the Methodist Church. Together in Mission (TIMs) is a network of people who are going to visit and talk to the elderly who are lonely or in need of some contact and assistance.

I welcome this initiative. Some elderly people become very lonely, not wishing to trouble others. If someone can volunteer to give them a ring or visit them regularly it can make all the difference. It can improve their quality of life and give them a link with the rest of the world. It can lead on to outings, help to do things and give more purpose to their life.

There is no age limit on volunteering. Sometimes the volunteers are as old as the poeple they are helping. If you are interested please contact www.togetherinmission.org.uk. I thank all involved for setting it up, and trust others will want to join in.