From the doorsteps


          I go out quite often to knock on doors and listen to opinions. I was out again this Saturday in Earley.

          Over the last three months most of the preoccupations raised with me have been local. Usually they are specific to the street or the immediate situaiton of the home in  the neighbourhood. Sometimes they are matters which the Council can tackle, sometimes they are matters relating to the relationships between neighbours that are not easily influenced by governemtn of any level. This Saturday the use of a road by Driving Schools was causing unhappiness by residents affected,  as the Driving Schools are using a road which people need  to drive along for reversing and U turn training. Other issues have included school catchments, road safety, congestion and journeys to work.  I have asked Councillors to deal with the issues that come up where they can have some impact.

           The main national issue raised directly with me has been the EU, with most wanting us to get on with negotiaiting a new relationship and disliking the current degreee of interference in our affairs by Brussels.