Healthy living

At the request of constituents I attended the British Heart presentation in the Parliament on Wednesday.

They set out their suport for the traffic light system of food warnings introduced by the government and food industry, as they wish to discourage excessive and unhealthy eating. They also would like to see more young people take up competitive sports and exercise.

I would welcome comments from constituents on how far government should go in trying to influence lifestyle and diet, and promoting exercise and sport. Is the government doing enough, or are there other things you want them to do?


  1. Sue
    June 20, 2013

    I’m not one of your constituents but I’ll give you my two penneth for what its worth. All the government should do is ensure we have enough affordable sporting facilities for families to use. No lecturing, no nudging, no advertising and no NGO’s and quangos wasting our money. Imagine how many sports facilities could be built with the savings?

    Basic labelling is good, there are people who like to know about fat content and calories. I would also like to know if my food has been messed about with, preserved, frozen, mixed with horse etc.. I also want my meat to be non Halal (there is no requirement to label at present).(etc ed)

  2. Anthem
    June 20, 2013

    Food labelling regulation is a good idea. It stops manufacturers from saying that their product contains, say, beef when really it contains horsemeat. I would certainly welcome many more billions of pounds poured into this area.

    The traffic light system sounds really cool and should appeal to the low intelligence, state-educated masses. But just to confirm, Green = Go, right?

    Promoting sport and physical activity gets a thumbs up from me too. There seem to be far too many people sitting on backsides in this country.

  3. Pleb
    June 21, 2013

    John, Your government is dead in the water. This kind of thing is for the future. The conservatives have no future. Is’nt that obvious to you?

    Repkly I do not have a government – there is sa Coalition government. I am not a member of that government. No, the Conservative party is not dead. What a silly comment.

  4. alan jutson
    July 3, 2013


    Just retired recently after a lifetime of work, thought I would see what was available from my local Doctors practice with regard to health checks, with regard to cholestral level, diabetes risk, breathing capacity, stroke and heart risk etc.

    No not feeling ill apart from the usual minor aches and pains that you tend to get with increased age.

    The well man clinic is available to check your height, weight, and blood pressure only. Nothing else.

    Given I know how tall I am, know my weight (bathroom scales) and have an idea of my blood pressure (we have a blood pressure kit at home),
    I have to say I was rather Surprised that this was all that was on offer.

    Surely it is everyones interest to catch any possible problems early, rather than wait for them to manifest themselves, when greater expense and pain is the result.

    How about a free REAL comprehensive health check for all over 50’s every 10 years.

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