New schools for Wokingham


 Last weak at the request of Wokingham Borough Council I talked to the Schools Minister, Lord Nash, to encourage faster progress with approving and supplying the new primary schools Wokingham needs. The Minister said he was working on it as a priority, and had just had a successful meeting with Borough officials which he thinks will expedite approval.

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  1. Narrow shoulders
    July 2, 2013

    Mr Redwood,

    What is the demographic of the families causing the rise in need for primary school places?

    If it is similar to that which is causing 15 new reception classes in my borough it will be children (recently arrived in the Uk or born to recent migrants-ed).

    Cheerleaders for mass immigration regularly cite the statistic that immigrants are net contributors. At £4500 per primary place (just revenue expenditure not additional capital requirement) plus NHS costs and other support provided by the state (housing benefit, tax credits) this would mean that an average immigrant would need to earn over the median wage of £25000 to be a net contributor.. If true why can our companies not train our own people to to perform these roles?

    Immigration in pursuit of GDP, extra tax and lower wages benefits only immigrants, companies and governments while the rest of us incur increasing national debt and pay extra tax to cover the additional infrastructure. Time for government to represent the people not the establishment

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