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 I visited the Henry Street Garden Centre today to see the exhibition of possible routes for the Arborfield bypass.

This is an issue which will be decided by Wokingham Borough Council, thought numerous constituents have written to me about it. I urge all those who have not done so to complete the Consultation document and put it in the freepost or leave it at Henry Street with their view. The Council will evaluate all the replies before making a decision.

Many in the village agree with the Council that a bypass would be a good idea. The village street is now heavily used by traffic, including large vehicles that do not wish to stop and are intrusive to those who live and shop in the centre.  

The Council is consulting on four different routes. Their preferred route, Route A, is the cheapest and shortest.It would take traffic close to village properties, and is the least popular with the constituents who have written to me about the proposals.

Both Option B and D, sensibly priced proposals, take the traffic further away from the village and have their supporters.

Option C is considerably dearer, requires the construction of the Nine Mile Ride extension as well, and does not score highly for diverting traffic onto it. It seems unlikely to be adopted.

The Council’s own provisional evaluation rates Option B higher than Option D on diverting traffic, and better environmentally.¬†If the replies I have received are representative this is likely to be preferred by people responding, in preference ¬†¬†to the Council’s Option A. Although¬†the Council ¬†scores Option A ¬†more highly overall, it does¬†affect more properties adversely which¬†does not seem to be¬† taken into account sufficiently ¬†in the Council’s evaluation so far.¬†

I am passing on the overall response I have received to the Council to help them with their judgement as part of their consultation.

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  1. Stephen Keen
    October 22, 2013

    I would like to strongly add my prefernec to Route B of the Arborfiled bypass. My family, including two children would be adversely effected as the wdc preferred route A would pass very close to our property (one of the cottages of Arborfield Court) and destroy the tranquility of the envirnoment and cut us off from the village as a whole, because of the road.

    Route B would effect many fewer properties overall, not only in number, but also in status, especially the listed buildings on Swallowfield Road, which Route A would go between, destroying that partof the village and more generally the environment as a whole.

    Route B goes the other side of Aborfield Court, also a listed building, but there is a 75-100 meter thick wood between the house and the proposed route B. This would screen the house both visually and from any possible noise. The literature given out by WDC states the house wouldbe adversely affected, but this is incorrect and misleading. Of the 6 residents of Arborfield Court or directly attached properties 3 are ground floor only and only 3 have either the first or second floors. The residents of these floors would still not be ableto see Route B.

    Of course those most affected by each respective route would want to protect their own environment and of course we are no exception. However, Route B, adversely effects less people without doubt, which must be an essential component for having the bypass in the first place, provides the most effective traffic flow of the routes proposed, is not excessive in cost compared to Route A. and in my belief maintains the overall integrity of the village best. I hope you can support Route B or at least add this post to your response to WDC.

    Steve, Jackie, Jamie & Sam Keen

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