Wokingham Town Centre


           I am glad the Borough Council has withdrawn their planning application for the Town redevelopment. I have sent in constituents’ views about how the vision could be improved, and recommend that people with views on the future of the shopping area and Elms Field should contact the Planning Department with their thoughts as then Council considers how to improve the plan.

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  1. alan jutson
    December 24, 2013

    Good news indeed.

    Let us hope the Councillors will try and preserve the charecter of a Market Town rather than just expanding it with the rather simplistic idea of increasing footfall.

    Yes of cousre we need a vibrant Town Centre, but not of the type put forward in the original plans.

    Rather than spend a hundred thousand pounds on a huge number of consultations which few ever fully understood, why not present the public with a large scale model of any proposals, so that the extent and scale of any changes can be simply seen.

    Few people can read construction drawings properly (including from experience some Councillors) and clever artists impressions are always made from the best angle, and often do not show relationships with existing surrounding properties.

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