Local flooding


Over the last three days I have been around the constituency to see where the floods are causing damage. Today the Loddon Bridge roundabout was badly affected by water, with road closed signs appearing on the motorway access and at the Winnersh lights. Some traffic did get round the junction. There are large puddles or substantial standing water across many of our local roads. The A327, our other main A road into Reading, has also been closed to the west of Arborfield.

I have been in touch again with the Environment Agency, and have sent a message through them to thank all involved in trying to keep the Pingewood and Southcote facilities working by pumping away the rising water. I would also like through this site to thank the fire brigade staff,  army personnel, the Environment Agency staff and the staff of local Councils who have been working hard over the week-end to try to abate the waters at crucial sites.

If individual constituents have problems with their own homes where they would like me to take up the issues with any of the bodies responsible, please let me know. I am currently working on a series of cases relating to surface water, river water and foul water with the water companies, the Environment  Agency and Councils.

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  1. Pat
    February 9, 2014


    I would like to say that the Council’s contractor cleaned the drains outside our house well before Christmas. Well done Wokingham Council for doing this and anticipating the appalling weather.

    As far as the Winnersh Roundabout is concerned, for a major road in your constituency, I
    cant help thinking the portions of the road level is too low. It floods in the same place every time. Its particularly prone to flooding along the along the southern side of the Winnersh roundabout.

    The council need to consider raising the road level so all of the roundabout is above the current flood level to prevent the road being routinely closed.


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