Railway barriers


I held a meeting this week with the Rail Minister. I stressed to him the need for better commuter services on both the Reading to Paddington and the Reading to Waterloo lines, where we need more capacity and greater frequency of service on the Waterloo line. He has promised to write to me with their plans for better services, given the extra capacity the expensive new Reading Station can create.

I also reminded him of the problems we have getting across the railway line in Wokingham with three level crossings. I also asked where they have got with their plans to make the Ufton Nervet crossing safer. I asked for assistance with Network Rail for  the new  Wokingham bridge over the railway that the Council is discussing, for urgent works at Ufton Nervet, and a review of the use and timings of the level crossings in Wokingham.

When I receive a written reply I will update this item.