Wokingham Dementia Action

 Mrs Caroline Rathmell has asked me to highlight the work she is doing with charity to help dementia sufferers in our local area. I am happy to do so. The aim is to improve awareness of the needs of dementia sufferers in the wider community so businesses and public sector service providers can help them more.  This can be found on their website, www.alzheimer’s.org.uk.The Alzheimer’s Society provides information and literature to assist. Mrs  Rathmell writes:

“I set up two town
centre walks last October in Wokingham involving a total of nine people
with dementia and their carers to assess the dementia friendliness of
the town. Overall, their comments were quite positive. Some useful
comments were made about the variability of pavement surfaces, lack of
public toilets and limited seating areas. Clearer signposting was
recommended and some felt a couple of the pavements were too cluttered
with ‘street furniture’. Plus a few comments were made about individual
shops and premises. Alain Wilkes at WBC has seen the report and I will
share it with Sarah Morgan when we meet this week.

You should hopefully see increased local media coverage on dementia over
the next few months. And I’d be grateful if you could mention the local
Wokingham Borough Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), dementia friendly
communities scheme and the Dementia Friends training at any relevant
forums you both attend.

Reminder: DAA launch event – Tuesday 20th May at 11 am, in The Methodist
Church (Bradbury Centre). ” 

Mrs Rathmell can be contacted at caroline.rathmell@alzheimer’s.org.uk.