The Paul Burstow New Clause to the Care Bill


        Several constituents wrote to me in suport of Mr Burstow’s proposed amendment to the Care bill, backed by the Labour party and 38 Degrees.

       Mr Burstow sought to amend the Trust Speclal Administration regime introduced by Labour to deal with extreme hospital failures. The Coalition planned to continue the Labour approach, but also to make sure any considerations of changes to a hospital put into special measures could be considered in the local context of the services offered by neighbouring NHS hospitals. Mr Burstow was worried in case it became a route for closing more hospitals without proper consultsation. That is something I certainly did not wish to see either.

          Ministers responded to this criticism in Clause 119 by making helpful changes to Labour’s approach. Public consultation periods are extended  from 6 to 8 weeks, and remain a necessity.  All Commissioners of local NHS services must be involved in any new plans and must agree with the proposals. Greater public and patient involvement is required under Clause 119 by requiring the Administrator to consult Councils and local healthwatch organisations, and to hold at least one public meeting.

           Given these improvements, and given the Minister’s assurance that this special regime would only be used rarely in the future as in the past where a hospital has failed badly, Mr Burstow decided there was no need to move his proposal. Mr Burstow will also be involved in a working party to finalise the details of how to implement this new law.

            Given Mr Burstow’s acceptance of the government’s approach, I also accepted the proposals of the Minister.

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  1. Antisthenes
    March 12, 2014

    If you wish healthcare to function properly and in a way that it is more efficient, less wasteful and attuned entirely to it’s patients needs then privatise a greater part of the provision and funding of it. The French system operates much in this way and in my experience is many times better than the NHS. The problems of closures and consultation would cease to be a political matter and the market where millions of people not just a few thousand vested interest bureaucrats and ideologically driven politicians will decide that which should stay open or close or new ones open in the time honoured and trusted way by supply, demand and value for money means.

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