Money to mend potholes


Conscious of the need to mend our roads I have ben lobbying the Transport department for more money to help us carry out repairs after a bad winter. I have raised it with the Secretary of State in private and in the House.

Today I received a letter from the Transport Secretary telling me that West Berkshire will receive an additional £1,489,480 for road repairs this year, and Wokingham will receive an additional £395,353. Reading will get £151,947 and Bracknell £162,840.

There will also be a new fund of £168 m for next year where both West Berks and Wokingham can bid for additional funds. I recommend both Councils do so.

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  1. Antisthenes
    March 21, 2014

    Will the money actually end up being used to repair potholes? I suspect much of it will not as councils especially lefty ones will find loopholes to put it to other uses that benefit no one other than keeping those employed who do little to improve front line services. It is time that government national and local concentrate on the essentials and stop pushing everyone to save the planet, live only approved lifestyles, to be tolerant of only approved expression and speech, insist the private sector pay and reward them at levels that the private sector can only dream of and reduce laws, rules and regulations that increase costs and impede enterprise. And that list is just a sample.

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