The roll out of broadband


          I had a meeting with Ed Vaizey, the Minister supervising the introduction  of fast broadband in the UK. He said that they were nearing completion  of  the plan to ensure 95% of the country is on fast broadband, and were now undertaking pilots to see how to do the last 5%. I explained that many people in the Wokingham constituency work from home for some of the time, and need fast broadband speeds for a variety of good reasons. If any of you are still experiencing problems with getting a good service, please let me know so I can follow up with the Minister.

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  1. Alan Wheatley
    May 14, 2014

    The previous labour government and the current coalition government have not got a clue when it comes to “fast broadband”, or indeed anything to do with the internet and computing.

    There have already been a series of pilots, but what became apparent is that this was noting to do with piloting the technology but the Civil Service management! The computer press has recorded the farce that is Broadband Delivery UK. I have seen some of it at first hand.

    I made a suggestion via my MP, Bill Wiggin, for a recent Ed Vaizey meeting as to how “fixed” mobile could be use to fill in not-spots in low population density areas, which Bill though a good idea and put forward. But the feedback from the meeting seemed to me a complete lack of interest: perhaps because they did not understand, perhaps N.I.H. Either way, I expect the farce to continue.

    PS: BT has an infrastructure monopoly that must be corrected.

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