M4 resurfacing and noise


The government has notified me of their intention to resurface part of the local M4. They have also confirmed when I asked them that this will be done with noise reducing materials. I had sought a guarantee this would be the case some time ago, and am pleased they will indeed do this. The less noisy surfaces help, though we may still need other measures as we continue the battle against excessive motorway noise near homes.

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  1. adams
    June 19, 2014

    I do not know if the area you refer to would benefit from screens of baffles . I know my area around the Rochester relief road in Greenwich would . The Germans have deflectors and sound barriers all over their country . We have none apart from the odd banked up perimeter or tree planting . Why is this do you think ? Noise pollution is an obstacle to a good quality of life , no doubt .

    Reply We do have some noise baffles on this section of motorway. One of the issues is to put in more.

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