Money to mend the roads


Along with other MPs I have asked Ministers to assist with repairs to our damaged roads, especially after the flood damage this winter.  Today I received notification that West Berkshire Council will receive an extra £800,000 this year, bringing the additional funds this year to £2.3m. Wokingham Borough will receive an extra £333,000, making an additional total of £782,000 for the year.

The Councils are busy marking out the holes to be filled and the areas to be resurfaced. Many constituents have asked for more work to be done. I look forward to early completion of these schemes.

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  1. Lesley McEwen
    July 16, 2014

    I live in Beenham and apart from a section of the main road through the village, variously known as Mount Pleasant and Picklepythe Lane, which was resurfaced last year, the roads are in a very poor state, especially Webb’s Lane and Stoneyfield. There are extensive areas where it is not safe to cycle. Recent patching has left most dangerous areas unrepaired. Please can you ask West Berkshire Council to repair Webb’s Lane thoroughly. Although there are houses only along one side of the road it is used by agricultural traffic and Google directs drivers along this road when entering or leaving the village so the road is used a great deal. As a regular cyclist I constantly have to pull out to avoid the potholes and the broken areas of the road surface which is dangerous on a busy, narrow lane.
    Thankyou for your help.

    Reply I will ask the Council to do more to help

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