Water supply


I was unhappy to learn that some residents in Earley have twice experienced interruptions to supplies in recent days owing to pump failure. I am stressing to Thames Water the need for reliable facilities and regular supplies.

Yesterday I met representativesĀ of South East Water, and stressed to them the need to make sufficient provision for future water demands. This must take into account the likely increase in population as new homes are built, and allow for any long dry periods which could cut our standing supplies.Ā  I have said the same to Thames Water at past meetings.

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  1. Dennis
    July 10, 2014

    Water supply could be solved (and most of all environmental problems including housing) by decreasing our population by 50 million or so (yes it would take time) and still have a population of more that any Scandinavian country.

    Where’s the user friendly policy to achieves this including the education that sacrifices will be necessary but our progeny will benefit unless we don’t care about them.

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