Arborfield housing development


I have received the draft masterplan for the Hogwood Garden Village development, which  proposes 1500 new homes. Constituents are invited by the developer to put their views to, or send them to Hogwood Farm, Sheerlands Road, RG40 4GY. There will also be opportunity to send in comments to the planning authority, Wokingham Borough Council, at Shute End Wokingham once the planning application has been submitted.

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  1. Kenneth R Moore
    July 20, 2014

    A great pity that as a local Mp, John Redwood no longer has a say on planning matters as the decisions are entirely devolved to the local council. I’m sur he will do whatever he can.

    I do hope the good people of Wokingham have the good sense to give this and other similar developments the boot. Why should they put up with extra crowding on local roads, schools, Gp’s surgeries and the distruction of familiar open spaces . Just to accomodate a surge in population imposed by the unelected EU.

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