Puppy farming

A number of constituents have sent me a copy of the latest email urging Parliament to ensure good standards of animal welfare. Like my correspondents I want to stop  cruelty to animals. Next week Parliament will debate the topic, and we will hear from the government what more can be done.


  1. Yorkshire Lass
    August 30, 2014

    It should be outlawed. Definitely.

    On another note, why do you think it is that the CofE have not given an opinion on the Rotherham child abuse scandal? They have plenty to say on foreign affairs, but what about here at home? Why is the systematic abuse of girls in England by men of all cultures (I include the (inaction of ed) Labour council and police in this desciption) not worthy of their attention? What the heck is wrong with this country?

    Reply Interesting question. I have no idea why they are silent.

    1. Yorkshire Lass
      August 30, 2014

      Thank you for your reply. I apologise for raising it on an unrelated item, but had just read about ( a girl ed), who had been abused since 11, was made pregnant at 17, had her child taken away by social services who knew she was being abused and was then stabbed and thrown in a canal by one of her abusers, for bringing shame on his family when she told them what had happened. It’s difficult to read about, without both weeping and feeling overwhelming anger.

      1. Tad Davison
        August 30, 2014

        Well put. It could be the C of E don’t want to bring attention upon themselves as their own history might not stand up to close scrutiny either.

        The sooner the cover-up culture is opened up then dispensed with, right across the board, the better it will be for all humanity. Secrecy allows guilty people to get away with their crimes, but it’s rife, and so is the level of corruption that comes with it. Unfortunately, it’s in the psyche of mankind generally, and the first thing to do, is educate everyone. Blair’s mantra, Education, education, education, was itself sound, even if the perverted application of it during his tenure of office wasn’t.

        On Puppy farms, I am keen on animal welfare and wish to see the end of the practise of bitches churning out litter after litter, purely for profit. It’s irresponsible puppy farmers that get everyone else a bad name.

        I know that a friend of mine, Sir Roger Gale, feels just as strongly and I’m hoping he will make a fitting and penetrative contribution in the coming debate.


        1. cliff. Wokingham.
          August 31, 2014

          Good post Tad.

          I too would like to see the end of intensive puppy farming but, why are dogs so important compared to say chickens, cattle, pigs or lamb? Why do the public get so hot under the collar regarding puppy dogs whilst at the same time going along with intensive meat production?

          By the way, I am not a vegetarian, indeed I love meat, I am just questioning the hipocracy and double standards we exhibit in this country regarding animals.

    2. bigneil
      August 30, 2014

      While this silence goes on, all the officials seem to still be in nice highly paid positions. Why is this so, and if any get the “push” do we assume the system will give them a massive payoff (as some kind of sick reward for their failure) as seen in other cases? -before being re-employed in another highly paid position?

      On the puppy farming topic – (bad taste joke removed ed)

  2. Maureen Coffey
    September 15, 2014

    Unless you join the EU critics you are not very likely to get anywhere fast. Pets are well looked after and stray dogs may fare better too. But farm animals are part and parcel of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the EU’s raison d’etre really and its whole framework is geared towards pushing methods that clearly stand in the way of animal well-being.

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