John Redwood helps launch Elevate in Wokingham


On Monday 8th September John Redwood spoke at the launch of Elevate Wokingham in the town’s library on Denmark Street.

Elevate is a service for young people to help them make choices on education, training and jobs. Based in Wokingham library, young people can read materials and receive advice on employment and careers.

The service is open to all, though it is designed primarily for young people. Unemployment is very low in Wokingham, at under 1%. Some people still need somewhere  and somebody to turn to  find out more about job opportunities and career needs. There will be a special focus on construction opportunities, in view of the substantial building in the local area.

John said thank you to all those who are helping young people. He said “There are two things above all I would like you to communicate to young people. The first is try to build your career or future employment around interests you already  have, as this will help make you positive about your work. The second is to aim high and set yourself high standards. That way you will often find better opportunities and more rewarding employment”