Meeting with Police Commissioner for Thames Valley


I held a review meeting with Anthony Stansfeld this week.

He had good news to report. Overall crime is at its lowest level for 25 years in the Thames Valley.  Over the last two years recorded crime is down by 14%. Last year domestic burglary fell by one fifth. TVP were able to deploy additional police to child protection and to helping vulnerable people.

I asked him to make sure that Thames Valley  police have read the report into Rotherham social services, and are alert to any local problems in these very sensitive areas which need to be investigated promptly and thoroughly. I have no knowledge of any general local concerns, but it is most important that all are vigilant to protect children from abuse and exploitation.


  1. Horatio McSherry
    September 11, 2014


    I don’t usually get involved in these type of discussions, but it does seem that these things only get described as “sensitive” when certain members of the community are involved. It’s this uncalled for diplomacy that fuels the problem in the first place. Either by being unustly diplomatic, or, by giving the impression of being unjustly diplomatic, and therefore heightening tensions when no-one knows the truth.

    Reply I describe them as sensitive when they involve children and vulnerable young adults whose names and plight have to be treated with care.

  2. Tony
    September 11, 2014

    Overall crime at its lowest for 25 years? Sorry but any assurances politicians or policemen give us that crime is falling need to be taken with a large pinch of salt, evidence to the contrary is everywhere. I, and virtually everyone I know has been a victim of petty crime. My feeling is that the police have simply become more creative in reinterpreting crimes to get them off the books.

    Reply Independent surveys confirm official figures that crime has fallen. I am glad to say I get very little correspondence on this issue these days.

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