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IPSA have just published the annual costs of each MP for the year 2013-14. As I have promised my constituents to keep my own costs of running an MP’s office down well below the average, I publish¬†my figures below:

Office costs budget        £22,750

J Redwood spend            £2716

Amount of budget unspent    88%

Staff costs budget             £137,200

J Redwood spend                 £57,263

Amount of budget unspent  58.3%

Accommodation budget (where providing own flat)   £8850

J Redwood spend                £5216

Amount of budget unspent  41%

(If an MP rents a flat the budget is over £20,000)


Budget        uncapped

J Redwood spend   £1629

Total spend (excluding travel)  £65,195

Total budget (excluding travel)  £168,800

Total spent as percentage of budget  38.6%

The most expensive MP last year claimed £229,262 including travel costs.




  1. Nic
    September 12, 2014

    1,600,000,000 about to be spent on your office.

    3,000,000 likely spend just on you on a per MP basis.

    Are you going to include that spend in your costs?

    1. Cliff. Wokingham.
      September 13, 2014

      John is my MP and very good value indeed!

      He puts in a lot of hours and I suspect, given all the hours he puts in, his hourly rate is not that great.

      I agree that the cost of the refurbishment of The Palace of Westminster does appear to be high but, I think it is wrong to suggest it is Three Million Pounds per MP; the refurbishment will last for many decades and the building will remain a national asset. I know myself from personal experience just how expensive building refurbishment can be and that is on a small two bed semi in Wokingham and without any listed building status nor any other additional regulations to adhere to, which I suspect, The Palace of Westminster would be subject to.

      I think Mr Redwood is perhaps the best value for money MP there is. In my opinion, he works hard for the constituency, deals well with local issues and problems, actually lives in Wokingham and is very approachable. He also appears to care about Wokingham, which is very important in my opinion and not something which comes so easily to those candidates who are parachuted into a safe seat by their party. Combine these factors with low cost expenses too and he scores Ten out of Ten in my book!

  2. alan jutson
    September 13, 2014

    Thanks for the general breakdown.

    So, if you can do it, why do some others find it so difficult.

    Aware travel costs will vary, as will office rents (higher in London, but lower in the sticks).

    Is there an official league table which list all Mp’s. ?

    Reply I do not thi8nk there is a league table but they have just published the figures for every MP

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