Good news and bad news beyond Sonning bridge


In response to my complaint to Oxfordshire about the long delay in mending the road approach to Sonning Bridge from the north, and the threatened road closure for further repairs, I have now been told the Council agrees they should keep the road open whilst undertaking works.

However, the local radio tells me that they still have not tabled a proposal to rebuild the road elevating it above likely flood levels. Will they please get a move on?  This is an important route and it needs some attention.


  1. William Gruff
    October 12, 2014

    The condition of local roads concerns you as a member of parliament in what way? Keep your nose out of local affairs and concern yourself only with British issues and those national matters your constituents bring to your attention.

    We are in the mess we are in because we have allowed members of parliament to get away with ‘grandstanding’ on matters they have no business interfering in and have allowed them to ignore and avoid involvement in those areas of national interest that are their proper concern.

    If you really care about democracy, introduce a private member’s bill to abolish the whip and another to limit MPs to no more than three terms at Westminster.

    Reply My constituents have asked me to take up the problem with a major route across the Thames that they use. You cannot abolish “the whip” which is a party arrangement not embedded in law. However you phrased any Bill MPs would still talk together and decide whether to vote together or not, which is the whip is.

    1. alan jutson
      October 12, 2014


      You seem rather upset that our host is making (on behalf of his constituents) enquiries as to the excessive delays in the workings of our Local Council.

      Perhaps if you travelled this route on a regular basis at rush hour, you may understand their frustrations at the delay and hold ups.

      Perhaps if Oxford and Berkshire could agree a sensible additional Thames crossing, then this route would not be so important to residents.

      As I understand it (Councillors remarks on Radio Berkshire recently) the Council has had nearly 9 months to get its act together, but has still not yet decided what action to take, as it is still awaiting some sort of report.

      The simple fact is this road floods on a too regular basis, and steps need to be taken to rectify such, if it is to remain a sensible route over the Thames.

      Thus, given the Council appear to be dragging their feet (failure to provide a reasonable excuse for the delay) then I congratulate our host on taking an interest in Local affairs.

      1. Pauline Jorgensen
        October 13, 2014

        Wll said Alan

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