A vote on the EU

Yesterday I attended the debate and vote on the EU referendum bill. The bill was the same as the one which we put through the Commons in the previous session, only to see it blocked by the Lords and by Labour and Liberal Democrats who do not n wish the public to have a say on our relationship with the EU.

We are doing it again because this time we can use the Parliament Act to avoid the Lords. That still requires rapid progress to be made with this bill before the end of this Parliament. Labour and Liberal Democrats may still use procedural devices to try and hold it up and block the popular will.

The Conservative party is fully committee to an In/Out referendum, and will give one if elected to government next time with or without the passage of this Bill.


  1. lojolondon
    October 18, 2014

    Sorry, John, I still believe Cameron will never give us a referendum, I am not sure how he is misleading us, but I am sure he is.

    1. BobE
      October 18, 2014

      Lolo, he would need a full conservative majority to fulfill his promise,which is very unlikely. So its easily broken.

    2. alan jutson
      October 19, 2014


      Well at least if Labour and the LibDems block it again, we all know where they stand at the next election.

      Cameron should have raised this years ago given his so called wish for a referendum, instead he put a three line whip against it, perhaps he is gradually learning but like most things, its rather too little rather too late.

      Think we should at least support our host (who has been consistent) on trying to get it on the front page for very many years.

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