Control of horses Bill

Last Friday this private members bill passed its second reading. I am glad it did so, and thought it would as it has government support. Some constituents have written in favour of the Bill, as it seeks to tighten the law to help prevent people fly grazing or otherwise failing to look after their horses properly. It will be difficult, unfortunately, for it to pass all stages in the time remaining in this Parliament.


  1. Mark B
    October 31, 2014

    I do not own a horse. I do not know anyone that owns a horse. I know where there are stables, yes, with real horses in them, but I do not think this law is ever likely to effect them.

    So why have you created a law, which, is of absolutely no use ? To whom is this aimed at ?

  2. DaveM
    October 31, 2014

    If you drive through Birmingham on the M6 you’ll see horses living in appalling conditions – if they were cheaper and easier to keep many more people would care for them if they had free/cheap grazing and stabling.

    The way energy’s going at the minute, in 100 years we’ll all be riding horses again. Not a bad thing if you ask me.

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