More money for primary school PE and sports


The government has announced the extra sums payable to Education authorities for school PE and sport. In 2010 the government discovered that school sport and PE were not well supported in many primary schools around the country. Ministers decided to offer additional money to schools to allow them to extend their hours of PE and improve their offer of competitive sports.

This year  Wokingham receives £299,950 for primary school sport and PE and West Berkshire an additional £414,885.  This money is on top of the main grant to run the primary schools.

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  1. Narrow ahoulders
    November 7, 2014

    This was announced a while ago was it not Mr Redwood? What does it amount to £10 a pupil?

    It does not really make up for the bias in the funding system which awards secondary pupils 1.6 or 1.4 times as much per pupil funding as primary pupils does it?

    Equalising the funding will do more for primary sports than token grants.

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