Planning application at Beech Hill

A number of constituents have contacted me about the planning application at Beech Hill, which has now been referred to the Planning Inspectorate. I have conveyed the concerns expressed to the relevant case officer:

Ms Melanie Dunn
Case Officer
The Planning Inspectorate
Temple Quay House, 2 The Square
Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

11 November 2014

Appeal Reference No: 2209286

Dear Ms Dunn

I am writing in support of Wokingham Borough Council’s refusal of planning permission at Beech Hill.

The Council investigated this application to build 120 homes very extensively, and found it violated a number of important policies in the Core strategy and accompanying local plans, and South East Plan Policy NRM6 related to the Thames Basin Healthlands Special Protection Area.

The Council’s decision notice was comprehensive, well based and showed just how out of line with planning policy this proposal was.

The local community wishes to support the Council’s decision. The proposed development would cause road and transport problems. The development is not sustainable and would require supplementing public services outside the planned areas of growth in the Core Strategy without the money to do so.

It entails a loss of open countryside. It would damage the rural nature of Beech Hill Road, and adversely affect the environment and local amenity.

Wokingham Borough has drawn up a local plan which identifies and releases large areas for substantial development. It did so to concentrate that development and permit the proper provision of transport links, public services and other support to the new developments. I trust you will uphold their decision in this case.

Yours sincerely

John Redwood