Rail capacity on the Reading-Waterloo and Guildford lines.

I met representatives of the rail industry yesterday to review progress in providing more seats on trains on the busy Reading to Waterloo line.

I was told that current plans are to increase capacity by one quarter by adding two extra coaches to each train. They are also looking at improvements to signals to allow a greater frequency of service.

I explained the problems the railway currently creates for road traffic in Wokingham and asked them to look at the railway bridge over the Finchampstead Road to see if it could be improved to allow two way traffic including large vehicles. If they could widen the arch whilst keeping the strength of the renewed bridge it could help avoid collisions of large vehicles with the superstructure.

The Council is also planning a new bridge over the railway line as part of its road expansion plans.


  1. David Lonsdale
    December 11, 2014

    With so much new housing in Wokingham I wonder if it would be practicable to have a new station +some parking (peak hours service only) in the vicinity of the Waterloo Road level crossing. This may reduce the number of commuters driving into the town at those times and be in walking distance of much of the new development. Just a thought.

  2. Gumpy Goat
    December 11, 2014

    Signalling and extra coaches on only solves one part of the problem what is required is more platform capacity at Waterloo. Investing in track capacity by building more lines i.e. doubling two racks to four where practicable and grade junction to allow trains to cross lines without blocking flow.. but that going to cost money

  3. Dennis
    December 11, 2014

    Extra capacity needed – anything to do with increase in population? (from all sources).

    How will we tackle even many more people coming in the near future when climate change and those living under ‘bad’ (caste, religious, life style, political, war etc., etc. conflicts) abroad necessitates our moral duty to accommodate them? Thus the need of user friendly policies to reduce our population (mostly the so called white indigenous) size now. This would make the UK more of a fair society too as well as solving many if not all environmrntal problems and the need for more and more energy.

  4. Dennis
    December 12, 2014

    I see you didn’t like my first comment so what about this which I have posted before but is again still relevant here:-

    You and all others would still not fix the big hole in the bottom of your baths but bring in extra water pipes to try and keep the water level up.

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