New homes bonus for Wokingham and West Berkshire

Settled communities are often understandably apprehensive about too much new development. One of the reasons is the fear that the arrival of new homes places strains on schools, surgeries, roadspace and public transport. These facilities need to be improved and expanded if new homes are going to be built.

In part recognition of this the present government offers new homes bonus payments to a Council allowing new housebuilding to take place. The sums are paid for 6 years following completion of the new dwellings. The Minister Brandon Lewis has recently written to me to bring me up to date with the money involved for 2015-16.

For 2015-16 Wokingham receives a bonus of £3,426,328, taking the total to £9,661,854. West Berkshire receives £3,062,256, taking the total to £8,144,500.