Rail compensation and disruption to the network


Over the holiday period I posted the details of how a rail traveller could   apply for compensation if they had been disrupted by the overrun of engineering works during the holiday period. Yesterday I attended the Statement by the Transport Secretary on this matter. I asked for confirmation that compensation would be paid where people could show they had been adversely affected, which he gave. I asked him to take further steps to improve the efficiency and value for money of Network Rail, as it is clear this big spending nationalised business performed badly in recent weeks. The Secretary fop State apologised on their behalf and agreed they needed to improve engineering scheduling and performance, improve back up and contingency plans, and ensure a proper flow of information to travellers when things do go wrong.

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  1. Gumpy Goat
    January 6, 2015

    I see to day they are still suffering from signalling problems. Should we get the basic infrastructure sorted out first before we do the expensive GWR electrification programme?

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