M4 noise reduction

I have now had an answer from government to my requests for better noise reduction measures on the M4 to protect constituents close to the motorway. I have been seeking noise reducing surface materials when the motorway is resurfaced, and more sound barrier.


“DEFRA identified seven important areas (noise hot spots) between junction 10 and junction 12 of the M4 motorway.  The Noise Action Plans for these important areas propose low noise surfacing as the mitigation strategy. We will use low noise surfacing to resurface lanes one  and four of the project.


In addition we will provide two short stretches of additional noise barrier between junction 10 and junction 12. These are located where the motorway passes over Mill Lane near Sindlesham.”


This is welcome progress. I will keep up the pressure for early and sufficient use of noise reducing materials and barriers.

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  1. Ian Harley
    February 5, 2015

    I am a residence near the M4 motorway between J11 & J12, close to motorway service station.
    We get predominantly southwesterly winds that carry the motorway road noise across our estate. This noise is from time to time increased by reflection from cloud base as well as rain and fog conditions. It seems to me that road surface improvement to lower the source of the noise would be an appropriate measure to help alleviate this condition where I live.
    It would be good to know that the next time the stretch of motorway adjacent to our estate is re surfaced that consideration is made to use a “low noise tar mac base” which I believe would attenuate the road noise by as much 2:1. Please take my comments into consideration for the near future.

    Reply Indeed – that is why I have been pressing for this noise reducing surface and am pleased with their new statement

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