Maiden Place Post Office to open on March 11th

I am pleased to report that following discussions between myself, the Conservative Council, the public and the Post Office, there is now firm agreement to open a new Post Office at Maiden Place on March 11th.
There will be longer opening hours, with the Post Office alongside the rest of the shop (Petfayre). I reproduce beneath the text of the Post Office letter to me confirming all the details of their decision.

“Maiden Place Post Office®
Unit 11, Maiden Place, Lower Earley, Reading, RG6 3HA
Decision – move to new premises & branch modernisation
I’m writing to confirm that we will be proceeding with our proposal to move the above Post Office branch to Petfayre, 1 Maiden Lane Centre, Lower Earley, Reading, RG6 3HD, where it will operate as one of our new local style Post Office branches.
We have received a number of comments from customers and local representatives during the local public consultation period, mainly all in support of the move. The majority of customers were pleased that Post Office services are being restored locally. However there were some concerns about space and the size of the premises.
I was pleased to learn of customer’s support and we are delighted that Maiden Place Post Office is part of the modernisation plans for our network, offering Post Office services that will meet customer needs whilst helping to provide future sustainability. We already have over 1461 branches offering Post Office services in this new way and customer and operator feedback has been very encouraging.
However, it’s clear that the Post Office plays an important part in the lives of customers, particularly to elderly and disabled customers and we want to make our services as accessible as possible with level access at the entrance. Inside, the new branch will be in line with Post Office specifications, making sure there is sufficient space for the new style local Post Office to operate alongside the retail offer. The new operator will be making alterations and we will be working closely with them as they finalise the internal layout.
Some fixtures and fittings will be re-aligned or removed to make sure there is adequate room for customers, aisles have sufficient width and are kept free from obstructions with adequate space provided for customers and wheelchair users to move around the store. The new layout will also ensure that privacy is provided at the Post Office serving points with clearly marked queuing arrangement for Post Office customers.
Like many other high street retailers, we’ve had to develop a more flexible approach to the way we provide Post Office services. The local style branch planned for Maiden Place Post Office is aimed to increase customer convenience through longer opening hours, a simplified face-to-face service, and refurbished branches; meeting customer needs, whilst providing future sustainability for the branch.
The service is designed around following simple processes for handling transactions that are to be as straightforward and as quick as possible; this helps to minimise queues and provides an efficient and speedy service. While a very small number of transactions that are more time consuming or complex such as the Passport Check and Send service won’t be available at the new branch, I’m pleased to confirm that the new branch will offer an enhanced range of products. This means that customers will still be able to transact manual banking, Transcash, and Parcelforce International Services.
I have carefully considered our original proposal and the feedback received during the public consultation period. I am confident that the new branch is suitably located and that this new way of offering Post Office services will meet customer needs, whilst helping to provide future sustainability for the branch.
Details of the new service are provided at the end of this letter together with a product list, which lets you know which services which will be available at your new branch.
Posters will now be displayed in branch to let customers know about this decision. We’re currently making the final arrangements for the move and further posters will be provided in branch soon to let customers know the actual date the move will take place.
You can also find a copy of this letter on our website at When entering the website you will be asked to enter the code for this branch: 23893999
Full details of the new branch are provided at the end of this letter together with a list of the products and services which will be available.
Thank you for considering our proposal.
Yours sincerely
Julia Marwood
Regional Network Manager
How to contact us:
Please note this is the full address to use and no further address details are required
Maiden Place Post Office information sheet
1 Maiden Lane Centre
Lower Earley
Post Office opening hours
08:30 – 17:30
08:30 – 17:30
08:30 – 17:30
08:30 – 17:30
08:30 – 17:30
08:30 – 17:30
60 metres, away from the previous branch, along level terrain.
Accessibility &
accessibility works
Access and facilities
Access will be level with a wide door entrance. Internally, there would be a hearing loop and space for a wheelchair.
Large free car park within 90 metres from the branch, with four dedicated disabled spaces.
Pet Accessories store”