This latest site sets out how much each MP costs the taxpayer and how often MPs vote. They then calculate a “cost per vote” figure, by dividing the total costs per MP by the number of votes he or she has recorded. For those constituents interested, I am rated as 3rd cheapest at £633.07 per vote. The average cost is around twice that figure. The MP ranked 11th dearest or 639 in the cheapest rating weighs in at £6,223.29 per vote.


  1. Lifelogic
    March 4, 2015

    I (and many others who are far more sensible and knowledgable than most MPs) would be happy to vote on these issues for nothing at all. Get some sensible engineers and scientist to vote instead of all these dopy lawyers, chip on the shoulder/magic money tree/politics of envy lefties and dopy rich PPE grads.

    1. Lifelogic
      March 4, 2015

      We could also do so without having any axe to grind, in the interests of the maximum good for the population at large.

  2. Tad Davison
    March 4, 2015

    Not quite the same as being able to get rid of bad MPs is it though John, through the right of recall. Yet another Cameron promise broken. I never thought I would ever say this of a Conservative Prime Minister until the advent of John Major, but as with his predecessor, I hope Cameron is got rid of with emphasis. I cannot stand duplicitous and conniving politicians. They bring the whole political process into disrepute.

    But that statement is not as negative as it sounds for it has a positive undertone. If we get rid of all the dishonest pro-EU Cameron and Major types that have infested the Tory party in the past thirty years, people might once again vote for them in numbers and we can get the real change the country needs.

    But Cameron is going nowhere, and neither is the Tory party until they start listening to the people, and stop making ridiculous promises they know they won’t keep. Had we a proper right of recall, Cameron would have been at risk of getting booted out. Little wonder he went back on his promise.

    Tad Davison


    1. cliff. Wokingham.
      March 6, 2015


      I agree with the sentiment however, because the left has effectively controlled education for the last Forty years or so, our state indoctrination system, ooopps sorry, education system, has created a couple of generations of a left thinking population. As my generation dies out, so the left, who have played a very good long game, will get more and more of a grip on our political system and we’ll become even more left wing in our outlook, eventually within the United Socialist States of Europe…..My only comfort is that I won’t be around too much longer to see the Country I love and the way of life I grew up with destroyed even more than it has been already. I fear for my grandchildren but, they’ve never known any different…..Sorry to be so glum:-(

      My prediction for May; an unholy alliance of the left to force our nation deeper and deeper into the EU…..I shiver when I hear the rhetoric of Labour, SNP, The Greens, Plaid and The LibDems……I fear the left have won and will continue to use envy, anti business policies etc to further divide the easily led nation under the EU flag…..The future, in my opinion, is not bright and as a traditional Conservative, I feel we are to blame by letting Mr Cameron take the party in the direction he has done.

      1. alan jutson
        March 6, 2015


        Many of us would agree with much of your comment.

        I can only suggest and hope that the general public do eventually wake up in time, and have enough savvy to avoid the result you suggest.

        At least our Host is making an effort to highlight many of the areas he and we should all be concerned about for our children and grandchildren future.

        The sooner the population realise that the government has no money to spend, it only has to spend what it gains in taxation from the people, the sooner many may start to take a real interest in politics, rather than soap opera’s and so called celebrities on TV.

  3. alan jutson
    March 4, 2015


    I think you are good value for money when compared to others, but wish the government did not need such a huge amount of legislation for you to vote on.

    Smaller government is the real key, and should be the real goal.

    1. cliff. Wokingham.
      March 6, 2015

      I agree.

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