Elms Field consultation

The Borough Council has come up with new proposals for Elms Field. Their previous plans envisaged too much building on this green space, and recommended too much interference with the green part that did remain. This time they have expended the green area, reduced the amount of building, and done less to the field.
I made various representations to the Council about the need to preserve a decent green space in this area. I also accepted that there could be building on the brownfield part of the site where the old offices had been removed and where there were tarmac areas. I recommend that constituents interested in this part of Wokingham should go onto the Council site and see if they like this new version. These proposals are in their turn subject to consultation and public response. The Council website tells you how to make representations if you have a view to express.


  1. Cliff. Wokingham
    March 7, 2015

    It is, in my opinion, a sad fact that, all too many councils see open spaces as liabilities, due to maintaining them etc, and developed sites as assets, due to the rent, rates and council taxes they attract……It also appears to me that, far too many councillors and those who like to call themselves officers within the local authorities, only see the bottom line on the balance sheet and not the health and wellbeing open spaces provide for residents……For me, any reduction in the amount of green space we have in Elms fields is a reduction and, in my opinion, has no benefits to me whatsoever……Of course, others may dissagree, but I can only speak from my perspective…..Why must any so called improvement(sic) to our green spaces, always have additional development attached to it as a condition of those improvements going ahead?

    1. alan jutson
      March 9, 2015


      The the last thing Wokingham needs at the moment is more traffic bought into the Town, given the poor level of parking provision.

      Given the vast housing development, ongoing and more planned, open space is a premium which should be valued.

      Councillors seem to like to leave a legacy, hence the reason they want to spend OUR money, and want to borrow even more.

      Wokingham was a pleasant Market Town a few decades ago, not any longer, it is just like the normal urban sprawl along the A329, now joined up with Winnersh and Earley to the West, and Bracknell to the East.

      Such a shame.

      1. Cliff. Wokingham.
        March 9, 2015

        Indeed, all the things that made Wokingham an attractive place to live and raise a family in are being destroyed.

        I honestly believe that, within a decade or so, we shall become part of a “Greater Reading.” When one looks at the development along the A329, and along the Reading Road and London Road, we have almost become part of Reading physically, all that is needed is for the great and good within the councils, to see that they’ll get more money and funding as and when Reading gets city status, which it no doubt will in time, and all the extra powers that will come with it and they’ll all be in favour of it.

        It is my belief that all too many Councils, have become the enemies of the people they purport to serve.

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