Fair funding for Wokingham schools

Yesterday a group of MPs held a backbench debate on fair funding for schools. We have been pressing the government to ensure that every school receives a reasonable amount per pupil, as under the previous administration the gap between the best funded and the worst funded schools became very large.
I proposed to the Minister that for the next step the government should set a limit on how large the gap can be between the best and worst funded. So far this Coalition government has given some extra money to the worst funded schools. I wish to see Wokingham schools benefit from the new funding formula we have been promised for the next Parliament.

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  1. cliff. Wokingham.
    March 13, 2015


    I think many people forget that there are some rather poor areas of Wokingham and I too hope our local schools will benefit as you state.

    Yesterday, on the state’s broadcaster’s red button news pages, it stated that they are going to give a “Mini Computer” to every child who starts secondary school this September.
    This may well be a good thing however, is this type of spending morally right and is it in line with their charter? If they can afford to give away the license payer’s cash in such a way, are they receiving too much? I would hate to think how many children will be starting secondary school in September and how much this wizzard wheeze is costing.

    Is there a more sinister motive behind this idea, viz, if these “Mini Computers” are capable of receiving television programmes, will the parents be contacted if their household does not have a TV license? ….I know it sounds paranoid, but I wouldn’t trust that organisation as far as I could throw them.

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