Noise management on the M4 and A 329 M

My latest discussion with the Highways Agency is to get them to extend the areas which will get some noise protection from the introduction of additional barriers along the M4. I have also asked the Council to reconsider the extent of barriers along the A329M.

On the recent maps I have been shown the additional barriers are limited to the M4 west of Winnersh, so I am asking for more protection.

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  1. Dr Simon Cutler
    March 18, 2015

    Dear Mr Redwood
    It is great that you are championing this important cause, noise abatement measures should always be considered. However, could you also draw to the attention of the Highways Agency that when constructing these barriers they should ensure that any fencing is graffiti-proof, or at the very least a dark colour. The huge graffiti artists’ canvas that has been constructed along the A329M is already an eyesore and residents would be grateful if new fencing takes these precautionary measures into account (and old fencing is repainted please). Kind regards

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