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With a little more than three weeks to run before the election – the period of a traditional election campaign- I encourage Wokingham constituency voters with points to make and questions to ask to join this on line forum.

I will be out and about in each part of the constituency, but will not be able to contact  many of you personally  unless you get in touch electronically.

Please state that you live in the Wokingham constituency, and put at the top if you want a private answer without publication of your point. If that is your preference please give me an email or postal address to reply to. Otherwise I will publish your comment or query and my response.


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  1. cliff. Wokingham.
    April 13, 2015

    Hello John,
    In 2010, you were working on two pieces of legislation on behalf of the Conservative Party; The Great Repeal Bill and The Bonfire of The Quangos. What happened to these projects and will they be ressurected in the future?

    Has the media set the agenda which appears to show that we, as a party, are wedded to the idea of an ever increasing size of state and more and more money spent? How can the party change that agenda and start talking about a smaller state and less interference by the state in people’s lives? Has Mr Cameron moved the party too far to the left in your opinion, because I and many other traditional Conservatives feel he has? Are we as a party on a hiding to nothing given that Mr Cameron’s beliefs are not liked by many in his own party, hence the rise of UKIP nor will they ever attract those lefties which hate Tories(sic) with a passion?

    Reply We will see how much of that is in the Conservative manifesto. Both those ideas made it to the 2010 manifesto

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