More and better jobs

The Conservative Manifesto makes clear our wish to see more people in work, and more people in well paid and rewarding work.

The party has pledged that no-one on the Minimum Wage will pay any Income tax.Ā There will be Ā future rises in the Minimum Wage under the current annual independent review system.

We also want more jobs to pay well above the Minimum wage. That’s why Conservatives are proposing 3 million new apprenticeships for the next Parliament. People with skills can command better pay levels, or can set up their own businesses and pay themselves directly based on the resultsĀ of their efforts.

The good news of the last five years has been the rapid increase in the number of private sector jobs in our economy, and the fact that many UK people have taken one to get out of unemployment or to receive higher pay. We need another five years of good jobs growth, which in turn requires economic and tax policies that preserve and extend the current recovery.


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  1. James Sutherland
    April 16, 2015

    I like the idea of convergence between the full-time minimum wage and the tax-free allowance; I’d be happier still, though, with a third important figure matching it: the benefits cap. Otherwise, we continue to perpetrate the injustice of someone working full time for just over the minimum wage having to pay taxes which go to provide someone else with a higher income than his or her own, while the recipient receives more money from the public purse than they’d earn in a full time job.

    1. alan jutson
      April 18, 2015


      The alternative would be to tax all benefits, then perhaps all of the population would understand that the government has no money, it only has what it takes from the people and redistributes it.

      Pensions are taxed, so why not Benefits !

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