What are Conservatives offering pensioners in Wokingham and West Berkshire?

Conservatives are offering a better state pension, which will go up by at least 2.5% a year or in line with earnings or prices,  whichever is the highest increase.

Conservatives will keep in place current pensioner benefits -winter fuel, tv licence, travel concessions – regardless of pensioner income

Conservatives have launched higher interest rate Pensioner bonds.

Conservatives offer £1000  of savings income tax free.


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  1. dave roderick
    April 27, 2015

    like the grand total of 75p i have just received in this years pension rise, have sent a message to mr cameron asking where the other £161 he claimed we pensioners would be better off buy, i also asked him for advice as to where i could invest it but have not had a reply as yet.
    not holding my breath

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