Noise reduction on the M4


I have received a further letter from Highways England following my various submissions and discussions on M4 noise reduction. They confirm that they will surface the whole M4 from Junction 3 to Junction 12 with noise reducing material when they complete the smart motorway.

They also now offer additional noise barrier at Mill Lane Bridge, Sindlesham. This is helpful, but Iwill wish to explore with  them other sites for barriers as well if elected.

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  1. Hefner
    May 2, 2015

    It would seem that a recent Conservative leaflet in Earley was saying that the Conservative MP John Redwood has been “talking to Ministers” about the issue of the M4 motorway noise. But the Department of Transport has revealed in a Freedom of Information reply that “there have been no meetings since January 2014 between DfT Ministers and John Redwood MP to discuss the M4 Smart motorway project between junctions 10 and 11”.

    So whom am I to believe?

    Reply Mr. I talked to them several times in the Commons,not in the department.

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