Relief for Nepal

I have been in contact with the government to press for a strong and generous response to the crisis in Nepal by the UK. I was pleased to see this morning that the UK is going to send more aid. We are assisting with supplies, tents, lifting equipment and medical support.

The UK now has a large overseas aid budget, which allows us to respond well to a crisis. All too many people have lost their homes, need food, water and shelter. All too many have been injured by the earthquake and need medical treatment. The UK can help, and will once again show its willingness and ability to do so in a dreadful humanitarian crisis.


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  1. Sue Doughty
    April 29, 2015

    Good thank you. I hope we rebuild all their lost bridges and roads for them – we would not be where we are now without their help when we needed it

  2. alan jutson
    April 30, 2015

    Exactly what our overseas aid budget should be used for, proper humanitarian relief.

    Not for vanity projects.

    But can we please make sure that we know where the spending is actually going.

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