Views from the doorsteps


I have now been to most of the villages and towns of the constituency, and will visit the remaining ones this week.    Two big themes come out from the many conversations I have held on doorsteps.

The first is the wish to see the economic recovery continue. People in business are finding things are picking up, with better order books. Wages are at last outstripping prices, and the tax cuts are welcome. There is a strong feeling that we should carry on with the approach that has got us back above the levels of 2007 when the Labour bust destroyed the boom and visited austerity on many families. The success in creating many more jobs is widely welcomed.

The second is the worry that the Wokingham constituency and England could get a bad deal, especially if the SNP win lots of seats and have undue influence on our public finances in the next Parliament. Scotland already has a better financial settlement than we do in Wokingham. As a result Scotland does not have tuition fees, and has better arrangements on care costs. People want a fairer settlement. They agree with me in taking up the issue of fairer funding for our schools and want to see Wokingham receive the money it needs for infrastructure.

If elected on May 7th the work I have been doing on getting permissions and money for new schools, roads, and general running expenses of our public services will continue. It will also be in the context of leading a campaign to get fairness for England, at a time of maximum pressures from the SNP.


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  1. Cliff. Wokingham.
    May 6, 2015

    I am pleased that atleast some of Wokingham’s residents have had a chance to discuss policies etc on the doorstep with would be politicians.
    Although I have had an acre of rain forest stuffed through my letterbox over the last few weeks, I have not had a single candidate knock on my door to speak to me. This is disappointing because I have kept all the flyers in order to discuss their content with the various candidates.
    Reply I have gone on a long walk around as many doorsteps as possible.

    1. Cliff. Wokingham
      May 6, 2015

      Yeah thank you John…..I was not having a go at just you, I have had no callers from any party knock on my door. I understand that no candidate can knock on every door during a campaign purely because of the sheer number of homes in any given constituency or ward however, I am disappointed that no one from any party has bothered to door knock my avenue….Unless of course, I have a reputation for being a member of the awkward squad:-)

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