Noise from the M4

There is a leaflet in circulation in Earley suggesting I did not lobby Ministers on the need for noise reducing surfaces and better barriers on the M4. As I have pointed out before I did lobby Ministers, meeting them in the Commons to do so. That is why the Transport Department rightly said I had not held a meeting with Ministers in the Department, because  the meetings and conversations took place at Westminster.I also backed up my numerous written submissions to the Department with oral submissions to officials when they consulted us on the smart motorway scheme.


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  1. alan jutson
    May 5, 2015

    The leaflet you mention (or perhaps its another version) is also being circulated in Wokingham.

    Clearly anyone who reads this blog know what you have attempted to do JR as you have published the communication on this site in the past.

    I really do wish that political Parties and candidates could be rather more truthful and factual, but then I guess politics can be a dirty game, as we have all seen rather too often in this campaign in particular.

    One prospective Labour candidate on TV recently even denied that the deficit got worse under the Labour Government whilst they were in power.

    Beggars belief, what some will say to get into power.

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