Your last chance to have an In/Out referendum?

I have worked long and hard to help secure a referendum on our membership of the EU. This is now within our grasp.

If you are one of those who thinks we should simply leave the EU, this is your best chance to do so. No poll puts UKIP anywhere near winning the election. No party but the Conservatives will offer an IN/Out referendum who has any chance to deliver one.

If you are one of those who thinks we might be able to negotiate a new and better deal with the EU, then you should also accept the Conservative policy and agree that the proposed settlement needs to be put to the British people. Most of business thinks we need powers back and a different, less intrusive deal. Only the Conservatives will try to secure this.

If you someone who wants to stay in the EU, but agrees membership needs voter consent which is currently does not have, you too should vote for the one party which will offer you that referendum. The UK is not going to be happy with its membership all the time people are refused a say, and all the time EU powers increase by stealth without asking for the consent of the British people, as they did under Labour.

This is not a party matter. This is above party. Some ask what guarantee is there Conservatives will enact the referendum if successful. The answer is easy. Conservative MPs will know that is a big reason why they have won, so they will see the need to honour the promise. Many of us believe in this deeply, so I wonder why you even ask.


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  1. adams
    May 5, 2015

    Just voted UKIP . Your Party is not worthy of support . No one believes a word Cameron says and he can count on the support of the liebour party when the Con MPs rebel against any new bill . More of the same is not acceptable John except to people such as you .

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